Thursday, March 18, 2010


Another exciting day. Up early to eat, pack up and load up for our trip back to Belize City. We stopped at Belmopan at the US Embassy and were greeted by U.S. Ambassador Vinai Thummalapally (the first Indian-American ambassador) and heard dpresentations by the US Drug Enforcement Administration leader in Belize and Sharon Featherstone, Management Officer. J.A. Diffily, Deputy Chief of Mission, joined us for lunch and expressed deep appreciation for the work that we are doing in Belize.

A group of the Justice Administration students toured the Belize National Prison while the rest of helped the local economy by shopping for a few extra gifts.

We are in Belize City tonight and will be up early to go to the airport. If all goes well in the travel world, we will be back tomorrow night. We will keep families posted as to where we are and when to expect us.

Again, thanks for following the blog.

Margaret Pentecost

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We finished up our service work today in the villages. It was a great experience for students, faculty and administrators. Our projects went very well thanks to the hard work, planning, and talent of our students. As we waved goodbye today, we were filled with sadness at leaving the people that we have come to care about but also a great sense of accomplishment. As faculty, we are all extremely proud of our students. Please know that they represented the United States, the University of Louisville, and your family in a very positive way.

We want to send a great thank you to our family and friends who are caring for our children, pets, houses, etc. Without you, we would not be able to do the work that we are doing. Thanks!!!

Tomorrow, we leave Independence and go north to Belmopan. We will visit the U.S. Embassy and meet with the U.S. ambassador to Belize. The Justice Administration team will tour the Belize prison. Next stop is Belize City before we head home on Friday morning.

Thanks for keeping up with us this week on the blog.

Margaret Pentecost

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Pics

More on Tuesday

My first work day experience in Red Bank, Belize was with the Dental Team. The day began with Dr. David Jones and Dr. Tom Clark orchestrating a fast and exceptionally well organized setup that was accomplished with the direction of these two knowledgeable and experienced professionals along with their dental team. The residents of Red Bank lined up quickly and the team assessed their needs and prepared them for treatment. It was immediately apparent that these people were desperately in need of immediate attention. I assisted the dental students in filling out the intake assessment and listing the work to be performed in order of priority. I was impressed by the smiling faces that filed to team, knowing that many were in pain, but happy that this service had at last come to their village.
Inside the clinic, Dr. Clark’s self designed “octopus” performed with an efficiency that rivaled any modern dental facility back home. The students, each with previously planned tasks, catered to these grateful people, and amazingly, even though many had never been to a dentist before, eased their fears and were made all as comfortable as anyone can be in a dental chair. The students and I finished a long and arduous morning with a sense of gratitude and self fulfillment, knowing that we were able to serve an equally grateful community. After my time had ended, I could see that the morning was a success by the look of gratitude on the faces of the villagers of Red Bank.
The afternoon was no less rewarding as we traveled to Independence to conduct a Bullying workshop with the teachers of the village school. The afternoon started slowly at first. As the Justice Administration students conducted the presentation the teachers willfully acknowledged that bullying was indeed a problem in the schools. They were definitely appreciative of the information shared and opened up, eventually sharing their feelings and thoughts on how to approach and deal with the problem of bullying in the schools. It was when the Art Therapy Team took charge that the discussion got more lively and interesting. At the end of the day, we left knowing that we had shared and connected a people that maybe we had assumed were quite different, but in reality were the same.
Dave Peace
Justice Administration